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Public Relations (PR) basically handles everything that is not the robot. We take care of writing up/ presenting the awards for competition , managing social media (like this website), talk to other teams at competition, and also take care of swag and posters to jazz up the stadium at competition. 

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Our Safety program is led by team Safety captain Sarah, with her co-captain, Justus. Safety is an important part of the team, and this program has been made to emulate safety practices within the team. Our program consists of a safety presentation, test passed with 100%, Kahoot review, Emergency Contact cards for all students, our team safety manual, CPR and First Aid training with local EMT's, and reaching out to other teams. Our team won the Runner-Up UL Safety Award at the North Star Regional in 2018. We are very appreciative of our local EMT's and are grateful for their time and generous donation of our team First Aid backpack. In the pit area, we have a Safety Station, which consists of the battery spill kit, team safety materials, and an eye wash station. For questions about our safety program, or to contact our safety captain, go to the Contact Us page.

Our Safety Resources 

Safety Presentation 

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