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High School Curriculum

Team F.R.E.D. has played an important role in creating classes for Warroad High School including: Robotics, Fabrication Lab (FabLab), Drafting, and Engineering. These classes have given students the opportunity to get real life experience in the STEM fields that otherwise would not be possibly from our small community. Two of these four classes are also College-In-The-High-School courses; students who take these classes receive college credit through Itasca Community College. If it were not for the collaboration, these students would not have the opportunity to receive college credit while getting an in-depth look into what STEM is all about.


Bringing in New Equipment

Team F.R.E.D. has also brought in over $480,000 into the school through grants and funding from Marvin's. This money has been used to add new technologies including various CNC and drafting equipment, as well as a complete Maker Space (FabLab). Our industrial technology wing has been fully renovated through the referendum that our community has passed, creating a new state-of-the-art shop.


STEM A La Carte

Team F.R.E.D. secured grant funds to organize, purchase, and develop a mobile cart to use within the school. This cart is equipped with Sphero Robots, Parrot Drones, Little Bits Electronics, and Lego EV3 Robots. All of these activities are used in order to get students interested in learning about programming, engineering and design. This cart is used throughout our entire student body, meaning students from kindergarten through 12th grade will have access to the cart.


Elementary Curriculum 


In an effort to expand those involved with STEM, our Team F.R.E.D. has secured 30 Lego WeDo Sets to incorporate within our elementary math and science curriculum. F.R.E.D. members help train and facilitate the Lego WeDo programs with the teachers. Our team has found that this has sparked an interest in STEM and FIRST, and has increased the interest in both FLL and FRC within our community.


Summer STEM Camp

In the summer, F.R.E.D. provides a week long STEM camp for 4th through 8th grade students. Our team spends the week showing these students just how fun STEM can be. The students participated in many different activities including: making parabolic hot dog solar cookers, assembling model rockets, and learning how to use GPS technology. All of these activities showed our campers that they could still have fun while learning. After the week came to a close, students left with a smile on their face and a greater understanding of what STEM is all about.

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