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Going to Canada 

This last fall some team members went up to Canada and presented robotics and FIRST to over 30 schools! We introduced all 4 FIRST programs, presented our robot, showed schools how they would begin forming a team, and where they would find sponsors. After the presentation, we had many schools asking questions, so we invited them to attend the Great North Regional as VIP members to experience FIRST first hand.


This January a group of our robotics members went to a local daycare business and began introducing children, ranging from 10 months to 7 years old, to STEM. Our team showed them a Lego robot and also showed them a STEM project by building a structure with marshmallows and pretzels. 

Special Needs Curriculum

We have worked with some of the students with special needs at our local high school. We began this program by showing them how use the Lego WeDo's. The next step within this program is to begin working with more students in the hopes of involving all of our Special Needs Department in this outreach.

Senior Living Center

In the past, we have gone to the senior center to show them how to use Facebook and other social medias. This year, we showed them what robotics is, who we are, and also helped them if they needed any help with their technology.

Lego WeDo's/

Elm. Curriculum

Last year, we started teaching third graders how to use the Lego WeDo's. 

We did this by going into their classrooms during the school day and working with them. This activity has increased these students passion for STEM and has given them the hope to join one of our two FLL teams within Warroad when they get older.

FLL teams

In 2016, we started Team 21848, better known as Warbotics. Through our mentor ship, this team has qualified for state 3 years in a row.

This year we also helped form Team 34305, better know as Lego the Woods, who have also qualified for state.


We have helped start four classes in our high school. These classes are to get high school students interested in STEM. These classes include: Robotics, Fabrication Lab (FabLab), Engineering, and Drafting.


During the summer we provided a week long STEM camp for 4th-8th grade students to give them a in depth look into what STEM is all about. Some activities include: assembling model rockets, making parabolic hot dog roaster, and learning how to use a GPS.

Go Baby Go

Go Baby Go was a project where we helped out a preschool boy with cerebral palsy by making him a battery-powered car. This car enabled the little boy to play and interact with his friends, learn fine motor skills, and become more independent.

Local Businesses

We have went to our local businesses with our past year's robots showing them off, and also answering any questions that the community may have. This has been a way for our team to  keep the community aware of what we are doing.

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