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F.R.E.D. builds a strong community by holding multiple outreach programs throughout the Warroad area. Aiming to connect the youth to the elders with FIRST.

Valentines with pre-k

This year F.R.E.D. decided to spread the love across the school with origami hearts. F.R.E.D. also brought down STEM activities, 2019's robot Nebula, and origami to the preschoolers on Valentines Day. Students learned more about what FIRST is all about, built bridges with spaghetti noodles, and learned how to fold origami hearts. We believe that integrating STEM at a young age will help encourage more students to pursue STEM and bring more knowledge to it.


Whats Brewing with f.r.e.d.

F.R.E.D. pops up in unexpected places to surprise others about FIRST and give robot demonstrations whenever we can. F.R.E.D. brought Nebula to the local Caribou Coffee Shop to spread the awareness of FIRST in Warroad. Shoppers had the chance to drive the robot and ask questions about the robot. One shopper even stated "I thought I was just getting groceries, I didn't know I would end up driving a robot."


Star Wars Bingo

What does Star Wars Bingo and F.R.E.D. have in common? A fun time at the Senior Living Center! We popped up in our buffalo plaid to show the elders what FIRST is all about. After giving a robot demonstration, the elders had the chance to drive the robot themselves and ask questions. We believe that FIRST extends to all ages, giving everyone the chance to learn what the FIRST message is.


Readers and Robots

It's nice to curl up with a book and see a robot demonstration! F.R.E.D. brought Nebula to Warroad City Library to teach readers what FIRST is all about. Readers learned about learned about this year's game and what F.R.E.D. is all about. We also held STEM activities such as creating a harmonica, catapult, and a balloon hovercraft out of popsicles and paper plates. After the robot presentation, we let the readers drive the robot themselves. Maintaining a strong bond with our community is a strong belief of F.R.E.D.

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